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  • I am currently seeking representation for my novel A Girl Called Faith. It is the story of Faith, an evangelical talk-circuit celebrity struggling with her own belief in God, who has to unearth repressed memories in order to discover the truth behind her childhood kidnapping and miraculous escape. A Girl Called Faith was recently long-listed for the First Pages Prize

  • My short story, Roll for Initiative, was published in White Wall Review in 2020. "Nick always comes here to play D&D. My mom says she doesn’t like the idea of me going over to his house because his dad owns guns. I told her he keeps them locked in a safe, but she said she still prefers when Nick comes over here. I don’t think it’s because of the guns, though. Not really. I think it’s because Nick’s family is poor and he lives in a neighbourhood she doesn’t like driving in. When Nick comes here his dad lets him use his car. It’s old and rusty and looks crazy different from all the Lexus’s and BMW’s in my neighbourhood. My mom says she likes Nick a lot, calls him 'a polite young man with a bright future.' But she told me that when we hang out, it should be at home, not at his house." Read Here

  • I reviewed Yaa Gyasi's 2020 novel Transcendent Kingdom for Clergy for a New Drug Policy. "Gifty’s narration twists and weaves through time, from childhood to college to life as a PhD student in the space of paragraphs. There is no arc to the story because there is no arc to Gifty’s life. But Transcendent Kingdom is transfixing not in its tidiness, but in its messiness. It wrestles with questions not to give us answers, but to force us to ask them of ourselves."  Read Here

  • In 2018, I wrote an Op-Ed that was published in the Charleston Gazette, on West Virginia's plan to reduce syringe exchange services people who use drugs. "It is perversely coincidental that the same week Mayor Jones made his announcement, investigators at the federal Centers for Disease Control published a report [noting] that one aspect linking the three counties where an HIV outbreak was detected was that none of the three had a needle exchange program operating within county limits." Read Here


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